We provide the best services in acting as ship owner’s agent, charter’s agent, protecting agent and take care.

Many types of vessels such as oil-tanker, container vessels, bulk or general-cargo vessels, LPG vessels… calling at any ports of Vietnam. With our branches at Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Vung Tau, Quang Ninh and other sub-agents we can take care constantly, smoothly and directly of ship owner’s vessels even at many different ports of Viet Nam


Port operation service will take care of all activities of Vessel’s performance from end of sea passage to vessel leaving port. This service includes:

• Vessel clearance in
• Observation of ordered services in accordance with customer specification,
• Follow up 3rd party performance in delivery of products/services required by customer,
• Attendance on board and supervision of performance, daily reports,
• Caring cargo operations and making daily report,
• Consultancy update information of services/products ordered, and respective costs,
• Departure arrangements and vessel clearance out.

Post departure service includes all documents processing after ship leaving port until ship owners/ operators receive all completed documents and final disbursement informed to ship owners. In detail, for inside port services it contents documents process, port disbursements’ payments to related parties, settle refunds. For out port limited, its scopes are EDP procedure, payment settled.

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