This service reserves for all types of liquid products as crude oil, products, chemicals and LPG carried by all types and sizes of tankers from shore sea product tankers to Aframax tankers.

Through established and professional working history in petroleum industry Alliance built up close relationships with terminal operators, port authorities and port service providers. These things lead to our success in supplying the dedicated service that reaches the lowest time and cost ships spent at ports and maximize the benefits of ship owner/ operators.

For Clients’ benefits, Alliance provides timing payment arrangements with accuracy and competitive port disbursement.

Awareness of danger of liquid cargo handle affecting safety of ship and human life as well environment, Alliance staffs with capable cadres who are well educated and good experienced in shipping fields. The combined knowledge gained from practical sides supports the skills needed to assist our principals when it counts.

Based quality objectives, we continuously monitor Out-sourcing Partners to ensure that they meet their industry standards, the requirements of the client and conform to the affirmed accounting requirements.

We strongly believe that we are able to supply services using advantage technology applicable for Customers’ requirements at any dimension.

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